The vast majority of litigated insurance claims are not high value and will never make the headlines. However, we understand that they form the bulk of our insurer client’s claims spend. As a result they are the bedrock of our practice.

We also recognise the importance of resolving claims quickly in order that our client’s hold accurate reserves. We therefore strive to deal with each claim with diligence and care, and work hard in order to minimise outlay.

We offer a competitive and flexible fee structure, from small claims cases through to Multi Track. We also collate and provide to our insurer clients bespoke management information to enable them to monitor case progress.

Personal injury litigation has recently changed with unprecedented speed, and we are conscious of the need to keep our file handlers up to date with those developments. We value the opportunity of developing that knowledge in conjunction with our insurer clients by providing in-house training wherever possible.
"a specialist practice serving the insurance industry"